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Should R. Kelly Be Able To Keep His GRAMMY Awards?

The fall from grace that R. Kelly has been living through for the past two decades has seen him lose everything from his house of horror allegedly filled with underaged girls and boys all the way to the immense amount of respect he once had in the music industry. One thing he has been able to keep a hold of is the record of accolades won throughout his career, particularly the three he received at the prestigious GRAMMY Awards back in 1998. However, many people think even those should be revoked due to the crimes he’s been convicted for, including sexual…


Jeezy Recalls Jay-Z Having His Back In A Fist Fight: “Hov Got Hands!”

Jeezy was recently featured in the latest episode of TV One’s UNCENSORED, and it was filled with facts about the Georgia-bred rap vet’s come-up in the game and how he ultimately became one of the most respected emcees in contemporary hip-hop. UNCENSORED, as the title suggests, also gets its subjects to speak on lesser-known facts about their life, which led Jeezy to make an interesting revelation about his longstanding friendship with Jay-Z that even included an incident where they had to have each other’s backs when it came to a fist fight. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER. SUBSCRIBE TO…



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