Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Gifts To Honor The Maternal Figure In Your Life

Every May, we take time to recognize the maternal figures in our lives. Biological mothers, grandmas, aunties, god mommies, sisters, cousins, close friends and mother figures are honored for selflessly lending their energy to others. Last year, the Coronavirus changed the way we celebrated Mother’s Day. With quarantine orders in place and businesses on hold, families were forced to honor their loved ones virtually. While the world was in a global pandemic, it encouraged us to put things into perspective and not take celebratory days like Mother’s Day for granted.

Now that we’ve transitioned into a new normal that allows for more freedom, finding meaningful ways to show you care can go a long way. While you can’t put a price tag on the gift of life and guidance, you can show how much you care by giving from the heart. Sometimes its the small, thoughtful gifts that say, “I love you, I hear you, and I appreciate you.”

If you’re shopping for a gift that shows thoughtfulness, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to the dinners, brunches, and family gatherings you may host this year, we’re here with a few gift suggestions that say, “Thank you for being you”.

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