10 Foods & Drinks That Are Surprisingly Terrible For Your Heart

Being quarantined either altered your health in a positive direction or in a negative one. Figuring out this new life from the business and personal side can become overwhelming but your health should always come first. As you may know, what you eat plays about 70% in this losing weight venture and what’s on your plate can help maintain not only your muscles and curves but your heart as well. MSN spoke with cardiologist about how our diets relate to our hearts, “Heart-healthy foods contain nutrients that have been shown to benefit the cardiovascular system or reduce the risk of developing heart disease by lowering ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and blood triglycerides, reducing blood pressure, controlling weight and/or improving insulin sensitivity,” says Rania Batayneh, MPH, the owner of Essential Nutrition For You and the author of The One One One Diet.


Some of the foods and drinks to avoid in order to maintain or develop a healthy heart are; frozen dinners, fruit-flavored yogurt, energy bars and packaged snacks. Take a look at the list below for 10 more foods and drinks that are surprisingly terrible for your heart…

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