White Woman Has Meltdown In Victoria’s Secret After Harassing Black Woman

A white woman had a teary meltdown in a Victoria’s Secret store after the cell phone footage being taken of her made it clear she was the one acting a fool, and it was being recorded for all the world to see.

From what we’ve been able to gather from the various videos up and down your social media timelines it went down in a Victoria’s Secret in the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey, where the white woman in question was chasing a Black woman, who had time, around the store.

In various clips, a white woman who has come to be identified as Abigail Elphick is seen following around a Black woman named Ijeoma Ukenta. But Elphick’s audacity goes out the window when after appearing to come in to strike Ukenta as she starts recording, falls back and bends down, seeming to cry.

The jig is up and the weeping is in effect as Ukenta is heard saying, “I never thought nothing like this would ever happen to me. She just tried to run and hit me.”

Elphick denies the claim, but Ukenta is adamant, noting she has witnesses to the white woman’s suspect behavior.

In further footage, Koo Koo Karen is seen violently shaking on the floor while asking not to get recorded.

Ukenta is apparently on her p’s and q’s since she’s started a GoFundMe to defend herself in court against the white woman in the video. It seems that cops nor security did much to deal with out of pocket white woman, so she’s looking to hire a solid attorney.



Peep the proper Internet’s reaction in the gallery.

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