10 Black Women Olympians Dominating The Tokyo Olympics

Black Olympic Woman Athletes

Source: Christian Petersen/Tom Pennington/Laurence Griffiths/Patrick Smith/Nao / Christian Petersen/Tom Pennington/Laurence Griffiths/Patrick Smith/Naomi Baker/ Atsushi Tomura

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Summer Games may have been delayed by a year, but the Black women Olympians competing for gold certainly won’t be denied. Black women have long dominated the Olympics. From sprinter Wilma Rudolph, who became the first woman to win three gold medals at an Olympics game, to the legendary Serena Williams, who has four Olympic gold medals among her numerous accolades, Black women have been extraordinary to watch at the premiere sporting event, even when racist and unfair practices have tried to push them out.

Legendary gymnast Simone Biles, one of the most talented athletes on the planet, is constantly being hit with negative scores for being about to outperform everyone else in her sport. Black British swimmer Alice Dearing, who had been wearing the newly created Soul Cap to accommodate her curly tresses, has been banned from wearing the swimming cap in Tokyo.

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka has spoken openly about the toll being in the spotlight has taken on her mental health, and relative newcomer Sha’Carri Richardson, who has been called one of the fastest women in the world, was banned from the Olympic Games amid a positive marijuana drug test. Still, Black women athletes have continued to thrive and sparkle under immense pressure and scrutiny. In fact, the pushback and arbitrary rules haven’t slowed Black women Olympians down one bit.

As expected, The Black Beauties Of The Olympics are showing up, speaking out, and aiming for gold.

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