Video Goes Viral After Wife Comes Home To Her House Cleaned Out, Says Husband Of 18 Years Left Her While Out On A Business Trip

A Tennessee wife came home from a work trip and found that her husband left and took almost everything in their apartment with him. Porsche Rosmon went viral on TikTok after she uploaded a video of her showing her almost empty home.

Rosmon told The Shade Room that before she had left for New Orleans for a business trip, she and her husband seemed fine. Rosmon said the last sign of trouble in paradise was when her husband didn’t agree with her becoming an entrepreneur. Rosmon wanting to be her own boss led to her husband giving her an ultimatum and told her she had to pick him or move out and pursue her dreams.

“Entrepreneurship was on my heart and he wasn’t for that,” she told The Shade Room. “It made him uncomfortable.”

Even though the ultimatum was on the table, there weren’t any decisions made regarding their marriage. Rosmon said while she was at a business convention, she and her husband were communicating consistently before it ended abruptly. When she arrived back in Tennessee, her husband’s brother picked her up from the airport and took her home. She said she later found out he had helped her husband move out and on the ride home, he didn’t say a word. 



When she reached her home her bed, couch, washer and dryer, computer, dining room set and televisions were gone. When Rosmon couldn’t reach her husband, she called his mother who didn’t offer much support. Rosman said her mom-in-law told her that she was angry because her son “beat her to the punch.”

“My mother is deceased, that was my mother figure,” Rosmon said. “I quickly realized she was on her son’s side.”

Rosmon said though her husband’s actions were hurtful she sees this as “God closing a door.” She also has no interest in reconciling with her husband and wants to go through with a divorce.

“The way things went down, if I never see him again it will be too soon,” she said. 

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