Left-Handers Day: Black Southpaws Who Have Impacted The World

Lefties make up 10 percent of the population and there have been a number of theories that suggest the individuals dubbed “southpaws” have the upper hand when it comes to higher IQs and intelligence.

A 2007 study conducted by the  Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology found that, out of 150 subjects, “left-handed participants were significantly more likely to perform better on an intelligence test than right-handed people.”

Scientists have also discovered that lefties have a knack for exhibiting “superior verbal skills.”  This could be attributed to the fact that their left and right hemispheres are “better-connected” to areas of the brain involving language an article for Brain notes.

While there’s no evidence that proves the age-old myth that left-handed people are more creative or right-brained, there are a number of celebs and cultural icons who certainly prove the theory to be true. Here are a few lefties who have impacted the world with their genetic difference.

In honor of International Left-Handers Day, which falls on Friday this year, let’s celebrate these southpaws.

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