Purdue University Cop Put On Leave Following Excessive Force During Black Student’s Arrest

Police brutality, especially when it comes to apprehending Black people, has proven to be an issue that we still haven’t found a way to put an end to unfortunately.

A Black male student at Purdue University in Indiana sadly is one of the latest of our people to experience the offense after an on-campus police officer pinned him down by the neck with an elbow. Thankfully, that cop has since been put on leave until further notice.


As reported by the Associated Press, 24-year-old Adonis Tuggle told the outlet that Officer Jon Selke, who happens to be white, screamed at him to get away from his girlfriend after arriving on the scene in response to a call that a woman was being held against her will.

See below for a recollection of what happened next and led to the current events, via AP:

“‘I was already a couple of feet away from my girlfriend,’ said Tuggle, who added that she tried speaking to the officer. The officer used an expletive and told her to shut up, he said.

‘I told him he had no reason to be disrespectful,’ Tuggle said. ‘He was yelling at her and she was yelling at him. I told my girlfriend to calm down and I heard him scream ‘OK buddy, you’re going down,’ and he threw me against the car.’

Tuggle said the officer had him on the ground and told him to ‘stop resisting.’ He said the officer also punched him.

At some point, Tuggle said he told his girlfriend to record what was happening. She told the officer he was hurting her boyfriend. She tapped the officer, who warned her that he would use his Taser on her if she did it again, Tuggle said.

When other officers arrived, Tuggle said one held one of his arms while another held his leg.

‘I was still screaming: ‘He has his elbow on my neck,’’ Tuggle said. “He dropped his full weight on my face and neck. In the heat of the moment, the only thing I was thinking about was trying to get this officer off of me.’

‘You could hear me say ‘I can’t breathe. You’re choking me. You’re hurting me.’’”



Given the use of language and common circumstances, Tuggle saw himself in a similar situation as the George Floyd case that went viral in 2020 and helped spearhead the Black Lives Matter movement. “Basically, what happened to George Floyd almost happened to me,” he told AP, adding, “except I had an elbow not a knee, and fortunately, I’m still breathing instead of being in a casket.”

Tuggle and his family want a full investigation to be launched, in addition to his own charges to be dropped — Adonis was arrested and charged with resisting arrest before bailing himself out. He’s also demanding Selke’s body cam footage be released, which Purdue University police chief John Cox said will be made available after an investigation into the excessive force is completed.

Take a look below at the footage that went viral if you haven’t already seen it, via TMZ:

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