Wendy Williams Sparks Health Concerns Over Sketchy Video Interview With TMZ

Welp, it’s official: Wendy Williams has confirmed the rumors of a lucrative plan to get into podcasting following the series finale of her titular daytime talk show last week.

Sadly though, the other rumors of her declining health are starting to actually ring true after a recent video interview with TMZ Live to confirm the forthcoming podcast had the celebrated media maven looking as sketchy as some have described in recent months.

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From slurred speech to shifty eyes, Williams appeared as though she was trying almost too hard to concentrate on what she was actually trying to say. At one point she seems to unknowingly fixate on repeating and even explaining the word “podcast,” and also alludes to hers possibly broadcasting from France. She even switches the subject mid-sentence at one point to say how much she “can’t wait to fall in love.”

The update wasn’t without some interesting plans in the works. When asked what she wanted to do differently with the podcast compared to daytime, she mentioned possibly venturing into sneakers — “Sneaker Cam,” perhaps? — and incorporating her relationship with HSN and QVC. In the same instance though, she then jumps into how it ties back to her battle with lymphedema and appears almost medicated as she pulls her foot up to the camera to show the affects of fluid build-up in her leg. TMZ Live hosts Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere seem to walk on eggshells as they conduct the interview, which many now believe wasn’t the best decision on her end.


We will always keep Wendy Williams in our prayers, especially following what seems to be a public battle with memory loss and complications from her highly-publicized Graves disease diagnosis.

Take a look below at what social media is saying about Wendy Williams’ seemingly sus new interview TMZ Live:



1. wendy williams🙏 also i hope her ex goes to hell. see how men literally ruin your health by stressing you out !?!???

via @fringe_alchemy

2. This is so sad! Wendy Williams is not well! I hope she isn’t being forced to do the podcast too!


3. I’m not trying to sound rude.. but I’m watching an interview with Wendy Williams and am genuinely concerned.. did she have a stroke? Her speech is all over the place.

via @PainterBess

4. I’m such a fan of Wendy Williams, but I feel like her recent interviews reveal a lot and I find them all increasingly exploitative.

via @youngsinick

5. So #TMZ just gave Wendy Williams 10 minutes of airtime to show that she is NOT OK. 😪

via @Kai_duh

6. Dawg Wendy Williams high as hell on TMZ


7. @TMZ ask wendy williams some real questions. Like, “what’s wrong with you”? Are you high? Your acting weird, why?

via @RobertM73835427

8. Wendy Williams on @TMZ Live today, I don’t know what to say. Who in her circle allowed this to happen? No one would want to be seen like this. I pray her handlers would do better by her, this was heartbreaking to watch. I’m not a fan, but I’m a person & this breaks my heart.

via @Maddox5525

9. I love me some Wendy Williams .. but she’s on TMZ Live and I’m worried about her.. “Excuse me….” “Ya understand?” “My beautiful apartment”

via @antkneebee

10. @TMZ what is happening with Wendy Williams right now? Please end the interview. OMG

via @kathyfin1

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