Trill Recognize Trill? Bun B Cosigns NBA YoungBoy As 2Pac For Gen Z

Making a comparison between any two rappers should always come with a bit of apprehension. Making a comparison between any rapper and the late Tupac Shakur should probably just be kept to yourself.

Well, except for when the one making such a grand assertion is also a fellow hip-hop icon like UGK’s own Bun B.

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Speaking with TMZ (seen above), the Houston rap legend prefaced his generational comparison by stating, “What modern music is to young people today is thematically, and at the heart of it, the same as what NWA and Public Enemy was trying to project.” He mentioned social issues when it comes to race and an overall mistrust in the government as common themes explored both in the past and amongst today’s emcees.

“When I talk to young people, 15 and 16 years old, these people — their 2Pac is NBA YoungBoy.” Although he wasn’t the one saying it himself, he also wasn’t quick to denounce it either. He went on to give contemporaries like Jay-Z and Kanye West their props for being artists that’ve found a way to bridge the generational gap, but it appears the UGK 4 Life rapper truly understands that a gap between the rap worlds is definitely one that indeed exists.


Looking at the careers of 2Pac and NBA YoungBoy, two rappers who both represented the youth and led their respective rap generations with a rebellious attitude, it actually isn’t much of a reach if you put aside the music. Even if we are talking lyrical, a track-for-track breakdown might reveal some surprising results.

Take a look below to see more opinions on the NBA YoungBoy and 2Pac comparisons, and let us know if you agree with Bun B and the young generation:



1. I still say NBA YOUNGBOY is the 2PAC of this generation in terms of a following. The last person who had like a huge fan base besides Tupac was Michael Jackson and XXXTENTACION. This is just my opinion.


2. 2pac was like Bruce Lee with enter the dragon mic skills etc is NBA YoungBoy that yet?

via @manchild777

3. I’m not here to argue with a dumb fan if you can compare youngmid nba to the greatest of all time 2PAC

via @JeezyBillionz

4. Hot take coming in: nba youngboy is this generations 2pac

via @Salo_001

5. Doesn’t disrespect the GOAT @2PAC

via @32Empress

6. Polo G and NBA are the closest to 2pac

via @OkemDguy

7. I was telling people back in 2017 NBA Youngboy was the new 2Pac of the game & look at him now #IBeKnowing

via @Suave_Ass_Nigga

8. Nba YoungBoy the 2pac of this generation be grateful witnessing what 2pac was like in the 90’s

via @CarterSemj

9. NBA Youngboy is the 2pac of our generation

via @Vixbyyy

10. I read a comment on Insta where somebody call NBA YoungBoy the 2Pac of our generation, so now I’m tryna meet him and I hope he doesn’t shoot me.

via @myworsthizik

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