Imprisoned Trans Black Woman Transferred After Impregnating Two Cis Female Prisoners

We live in a time where society is changing in a multitude of ways, one specifically being our views on sexuality and gender identity. A world that once only provided one of two options to prescribe to — gay or straight; male or female — has now opened up to approaching the decision more along the lines of a spectrum. However, that also comes with technicalities that could prove to be a loophole for nefarious behavior.

A trans Black woman incarcerated at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women in New Jersey had to be transferred to another prison for young adults, primarily men, after it was discovered that she got two cis female inmates pregnant while serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter.


The trials and tribulations of 27-year-old Demi Minor (seen above) are a head-scratcher to say the least. After being charged at the age of 16 for the murder of her foster father, who she wrongfully blamed for sexual abuse experienced under his household, Minor began studying the law while in jail in order to work on not only getting herself free but also providing other inmates with legal paperwork. She also worked to get other trans woman like herself gender affirming items and hormone replacement therapy.

Unfortunately, Minor was also having sexual relationships with a few fellow inmates, which was describes as “consensual” by the state Department of Corrections. reported back in April that two cis women ended up pregnant based on the sexual activity, which prompted authorities to transfer Minor to Garden State Youth Correctional Facility. The prison is for young adults where, sadly, Minor is the only prisoner at that location who identifies as a woman.

More below on why this decision may prove to be detrimental for Demi, via

“According to the corrections department, Minor is serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter and is eligible for parole in 2037.

Neither she nor her attorney could be reached for comment Friday.

But a July 5 post on Minor’s website claims corrections officers forcibly removed her from Edna Mahan and beat her during the transfer to Garden State Youth Correctional facility.

The DOC said it couldn’t comment on the allegations but is investigating.

‘NJDOC cannot comment on any active investigations,’ a statement read. ‘The Department has zero tolerance for abuse, and the safety and security of the incarcerated population and staff are of critical importance.’”


Statistics show that most transgender inmates are housed in prisons based on their gender assigned at birth, which puts them in danger of physical and sexual assault at a much higher rate than if imprisoned with the gender they identify with. On the flip side, the case at hand makes a strong example for what authorities fear will happen if a person born with male genitalia is imprisoned alongside someone with female genitalia.

Overall, it’s a conflicting debate that on one side is about protecting the safety of trans women while on the other hand is about eliminating a situation where babies are being born in prison cells amongst cellmates. Sound off with your thoughts on this!



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