Mike Tyson Debates Usage of N-Word with Kenan Thompson | WATCH

Tyson and Thompson


*Back in May, Mike Tyson and Kenan Thompson got into a heated debate about using the N-word during an episode of the boxer’s podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.

Thompson’s stance is that the racial slur does more harm than good, but Tyson disagrees, as reported by The Jasmine Brand.

“I’m so happy no one called me and said stop that f*cking n*gga word n*gga…you know….n*gga not good no more…I like n*gga….the white man gave me then gone take it away….N*gga (x6),” said Tyson.

“Let me tell you something about the word n*gga….A n*gga don’t even have to be involved for it to be n*gga sh*t. So how you gone stop people from stop saying the word n*gga?”

Thompson responded: “Yea I don’t know. It’s a battle worth fighting man because that word has got the worse connotation and it’s holding back a certain respect or outlook on this culture.”

Per the report, Thompson also noted that “no other culture “self deprecates” in the manner Black people do,” the outlet writes.

“We have to make it a reality. I don’t think it’s an impossible thing I just think the people that can influence things like yourself [must] do the work, he said.

When Tyson stated, “If I’m not a n*gga I’m nothing,” Thompson quickly responded “Not true”

“No no it’s true if I believe it’s true,” Tyson fired back.

“No but you shouldn’t believe that,” said Thompson.

“No no, you can’t control the way I f*cking think n*gga,” said Tyson “If I’m not a n*gga I’m nothing….so don’t tell me I’m not…It’s that way. I don’t why but it’s that way…It’s nothing you can do, your education, that’s the way I’m programmed.”

“I look at you as a King my brother….I look at you as one of the greatest people that ever walked this plant. The things that you have done in your lifetime is so far away from the original connotation of that word its crazy,” said Thompson.

Tyson responded: “You don’t know my shadow….My shadow….it counterproducts everything you say about me brother.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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