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Buffalo Shooter Let Some People See Plans Just Before Attack

Police say that the gunman who targeted Black people in a deadly mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store showed some people his plans ahead of the attack.

I Auditioned At A Strip Club. Then I Found Out What I’d Have To Do To Get The Job.

“A hard rock sat in my stomach and I felt shame. … If you want to make money, you must not appear too Black.”

Cyclist Celebrates Victory With Champagne But Wine Cork Injures His Eye

As a result of the injury, Biniam Girmay had to withdraw from the Giro d’Italia cycling competition.

Nick Cannon Is Ready To Get A Vasectomy: ‘I Ain’t Looking to Populate the Earth Completely’

The actor, who has seven children with one on the way, said he already underwent a “vasectomy consultation.”

Fox News Host Mark Levin Proudly Stokes ‘Great Replacement Theory’

The right-wing personality said the fiction that immigrants are replacing white Americans is “indeed a policy of the Democrat Party.”

Buffalo Suspect Payton Gendron Wrote He Felt Nothing After Stabbing And Beheading Cat

The accused mass murderer shared a photo of his bloody cruelty.

The Rise Of The BBL: How Getting A Brazilian Butt Lift Impacted These Patients

The plastic surgery popularized by hourglass-figure celebrities and influencers is as trendy as ever. For some patients, getting a BBL isn’t about keeping up with the latest trend. But, as others realized after their procedures, shelling out for a curvier silhouette can be complicated.

Emotional Biden Denounces Racist Mass Shooting In Buffalo As ‘Terrorism’

Near the site of the supermarket shooting that claimed 10 lives, the president said that “evil cannot win” and denounced white supremacy.

Laura Ingraham Names ‘The Real Accomplices’ In Buffalo Mass Shooting And We Can’t Even

The Fox News host was all over the place in her hot take on the racist massacre that killed 10 in a New York state supermarket.

The Best Inclusive Bandages For All Skin Tones

Brands like Band-Aid and Tru-Colour make bandages that come in shades of brown.